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How do I get the "Administrator" name on Welcome Screen?

To get Admin account on the "Welcome Screen" as well as the other usernames, make sure that there are no accounts logged in.
Press "ctrl-alt-del" twice and you should be able to login as administrator!
finally worked for me after I found out that all accounts have to be logged out first

Fix Movie Interference in AVI files

If you have any AVI files that you saved in Windows 9x, which have interference when opened in Windows XP, there is an easy fix to get rid of the interference:

1. Open Windows Movie Maker.Click View and then click Options.Click in the box to remove the check mark beside Automatically create clips.
2. Now, import the movie file that has interference and drag it onto the timeline. Then save the movie, and during the re rendering, the interference will be removed.

Create a Password Reset Disk

If you are running Windows XP Professional as a local user in a workgroup environment, you can create a password reset disk to log onto your computer when you forget your password. To create the disk:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
2. Click your account name.
3. Under Related Tasks, click Prevent a forgotten password.

Follow the directions in the Forgotten Password Wizard to create a password reset disk.
Store the disk in a secure location, because anyone using it can access your local user account

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