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Fighting Spam

I will make it short on how to protect your email from spam.

1. Do what you can to avoid having your email address out on the net.

There are products called “spam spiders” that search the Internet for email addresses to send email to. If you are interested, do a search on “spam spider” and you will be amazed at what you get back. You can view at www.WebPoison.org

2. Get spam blocking software

For this program you can go directly to www.cloudmark.com or www.mailwasher.net . Whatever you do, get the software. It will save you time. The software is not foolproof, but they really do help. You usually have to do some manual set up to block certain types of email.

3. Use the multiple email address approach

There are a lot of free email addresses to be had. If you must subscribe to newsletters, then have a “back-up” email address. It would be like giving your sell phone number to your best friends and the business number to everyone else.

4. Attachments from people you don’t know are BAD, BAD, and BAD!!

You should know why I repeat for 3 times right? if you do not know who is sending you something, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Secondly, look for services that offer filtering. Firewall vendors offer this type of service as well.

5. Email services now have “bulk-mail” baskets

If what you use currently does not support this, think about moving to a new vender. The concept is simple. If you know someone, they can send you emails. If you don’t know them, put them in the bulk email pile and then “choose” to allow them into your circle. Spam Blocking software has this concept as well, but having extra layers seems critical these days, so it is worth looking into.


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