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Speed up you windows again

Its too long content for me to put all ways and methods on how to speed up the windows. Dont worry I will explain to you through my post, so you have to ensure keep your eyes on my post okay. Okay for the second ways on how to speed up your windows is to turn off your system restore.

System Restore can be a useful if your computer is having problems, however storing all the restore points can literally take up Gigabytes of space on your hard drive. To turn off System Restore:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on Performance and Maintenance
3. Click on System
4. Click on the System Restore tab
5. Tick 'Turn off System Restore on All Drives'
6. Click 'Ok'

You also can defragment your pagefile. One of the best ways of doing this is to creat a separate partition on your hard drive just for your page file, so that it doesn't get impacted by normal disk usage. Another way of keeping your pagefile defragmented is to run PageDefrag. This cool little app can be used to defrag your pagefile, and can also be set to defrag the pagefile everytime your PC starts. To install:

1. Download and Run PageDefrag
2. Tick "Defrag at next Reboot"
3. Click "Ok"
4. Reboot


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