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Viruses calling

For the next 2 or 3 post, I would like to explain to you about the viruses that you should know in order to protect your computer. Some viruses are dangerous and some of them is not however if you call "virus" its still need to prevent. Simple advice from me, keep your anti-virus software updated, and stay aware of the current computer virus threats.

1. Virus: Trojan.Lodear
A Trojan horse that attempts to download remote files. It will inject a .dll file into the EXPLORER.EXE process causing system instability.

2. Virus: W32.Beagle.CO@mm
A mass-mailing worm that lowers security settings. It can delete security-related registry sub keys and may block access to security-related websites.

3. Virus: Backdoor.Zagaban
A Trojan horse that allows the compromised computer to be used as a covert proxy and which may degrade network performance.

4. Virus: W32/Netsky-P
A mass-mailing worm which spreads by emailing itself to addresses produced from files on the local drives.

5. Virus: W32/Mytob-GH
A mass-mailing worm and IRC backdoor Trojan for the Windows platform. Messages sent by this worm will have the subject chosen randomly from a list including titles such as: Notice of account limitation, Email Account Suspension, Security measures, Members Support, Important Notification.

That's all for the viruses that you should be aware and I call it the top 5 viruses that is really..really aware...I will tell you another viruses in the next post.


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